Anti-cafe free space

41A, Rue Condorcet, Paris
A Perfect place for relaxing, co-workig and meetings with like-minded people, where you will pay only for a time of your visit, not for tea and snacks.
What is inside?
We have many good stuff in Сhicouté for your joy, which you can use absolutely free.
You can use internet for free with the pass "Chiquiteplace".
Coffee and tea
Free tea and coffee. You also can bring something with you axcept alcohol.
Free w/b and colour printing from your computer.
We have a range of board and video games.
Saemour the cat
Saemour is 3 years old cat and it's our mate.
Enjoy cozy atmosphere, city centre location and good vibes.
Time and value
We established acceptaple prices per hour and offer you to acquire a Club Card of special guest. It is free!
Monday – Wednesday | 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Thursday – Friday | 9 a.m. – 0 a.m.

Saturday – Sunday | 9 a.m. – 6 a.m.
1 hour - €5

4 hours - €15

All day - €25
Club Card
1 hour - €3

4 hours - €10

All day - €17
Events for all tastes
There are cultural events every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also we organise poetry reading, workshops and lectures. See a timetable of our events.
27.08 | 10 p.m.– 12 a.m.
Simone Beaulieu, guitar playing
Simon is a graduate of a music college in Argenteuil. She's been writing songs since her second year in colledge. Her creative way started from local concerts for friends and last year she gave three concerts in Musique vallée and Shiiiva club.
01.09 | 10 a.m.
Paul Roux. Opening a photo exhibition
He travelled to big capitals in Europe and created a series of works "Behind a bridge". There are Photos from Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona, Warsaw and others.
02.09 | 8 p.m.–10 p.m
Spanish Guitar playing of "Hermanas"
This is a band from Malaga, southern Spain. There are three sisters who play traditional "cante jondo".
Our team
This guys are always glad to see you in Сhicouté. We evolve our place all the time to make your stay more comfortable.
Mike Guerin
Co-founder and developer of Сhicouté
Monique Guerin
Co-founder and developer of Сhicouté
Jean Pierre
International Project manager
They have something to say about Сhicouté

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    41A, Rue Condorcet, Paris
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    Phone: +786 445 231 44 01
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